Testing the Saudi-Iranian Agreement in Yemen

عربي  PDF Introduction        Since 2021, Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Iran have been trying to end their diplomatic estrangement that started in 2016, afte

The Race of War and Peace in Yemen: Opportunities and Projected Scenarios

 عربي PDF Introduction      Although the political and security scene in Yemen is generally stagnant, tension and alertness are characteristic of several issues. Primary amo

The truce in Yemen between the Urgency of New Developments and the Risks of reality

عربي PDF   Introduction             On April 2, 2022, the United Nations announced a truce between the parties to the conflict in Yemen­­­&s

The Consistent Law: How laxity in Integrating Military Formations makes Yemen Vulnerable to New Cycles of War

    عربي PDF  Introduction The success of the Presidential Leadership Council (PLC) and the political phase it leads depends generally on several factors, paramount among which

Will Gulf Concerns over the Yemeni Dossier Push for a Second Gulf Initiative?

عربي  PDF Summary  The Gulf Cooperation Council’s invitation of more than 500 Yemenis to attend consultations in Riyadh is informed by the GCC need to regain the initiative in Y

The New Fronts of the Yemen War

عربي PDF Abstract       A new phase is unfolding in the Yemen war as it enters its eighth year following the Houthi coup d’état and takeover of the capital, Sana&rsq

What is the future of the Southern Transitional Council?

عربي  PDF Summary           The study deals in detail with the Southern Transitional Council, the circumstances of its inception, and the factors that hel

Houthis Use US Counter-terrorism Weapons against Marib

عربي   PDF Introduction   While international condemnations of the Houthis’ attacks on Marib increasing, the Iranian-backed group insists on the military option to reach th

The Impact of Biden's Policy on Yemen War

عربي PDF  Entrance            The conflict in Yemen began in 2014, when the armed Houthi rebels group advanced, from its main strongholds in Sa’ada gove

Saudi New Quandary in Southern Yemen

عربي PDF   Introduction      The UAE-supported Southern Transitional Council, which was established in 2017, took control of Aden, the temporary capital of Yemen, on August

Iran’s influence in Yemen after Soleimani .. the Houthis between containment and retaliation for the general

  عربي  PDF   Introduction     With the beginning of a new decade, the body of Iranian Major General Qassem Soleimani has joined bodies of hundreds of people who were

The Edge of the End... Is legitimate government in Yemen eroding?

عربي PDF Introduction In 2011, a popular uprising in Yemen managed to force former President Ali Abdullah Saleh[1] to resign, according to an initiative presented by the Gulf Cooperation Counci

The Silent Struggle for Influence …The Future of Saudi-UAE coalition in Yemen

 عربي PDF Introduction    At the end of June 2019, the UAE announced its withdrawal, the second force after Saudi Arabia, which has led the Arab coalition since it announced in M

Will Yemen be the field of American-Iranian war?

عربي PDF Introduction     Over the past few weeks, tensions have increased on both blanks of the Gulf water. The United States has deployed battleships and missile launchers to counte

Fifth year in the hell of war storm...Yemen between division and chaos

عربي PDF Introduction On March 26, 2015, Saudi Arabia announced the formation of an Arab Coalition under its leadership to stop Iran's influence after the Houthi armed group took power in Yem

Difficult Peace for Yemenis...Could it be born in Sweden Consultations?

عربي PDF       The UN envoy Martin Griffith is working hard to achieve his first success in the Yemeni peace portfolio since his appointment in February 2018. The December 2018

The terror of Iranian weapons.. Houthi Forces Threaten Gulf Security

   The brutalization of terrorism.. The Houthi Movement - The Seeds of Annihilation (2)-pdf   Introduction: Iran has had several attempts to infiltrate deeply into the Yemeni soci

Revolutionary Houthiyya and Political Hashimiyya...Alliance of governance and struggle for survival

  The name of the Houthis is attributed to the Yemeni Shiite cleric Badr al-Din Amir al-Din al-Houthi (1926-2010), who was known for his tendency to take over the ruling on religious bases