Transformations of the General People's Congress in 40 Years

  PDF عربي   Summary     Forty years after founding the General People's Congress (GPC), observers raise questions about the future of the party in light of the current div

The Future of the Hashemites in Yemen

عربي PDF   Summary This study deals with the Hashemites in Yemen, starting with the arrival of their first ancestors in the country more than a thousand years ago. It tracks the circumsta

Fragile Agreements with the Houthis and the Failure of Peace Initiatives in Yemen

عربي PDF   A new study by Abaad Centre For Research examines the failure of the successive peace initiatives in Yemen: Historical agreements with the Houthi might be an indication the cu

Struggle for Influence and Proxy War in Yemen

عربي PDF Summary: The Republic of Yemen, with its geographical location and promising wealth, is of great importance, as it is the gateway to the Arabian Peninsula, and it overlooks the Bab al-

Future of Islah Party after 30 years of Foundation

عربي  PDF Preface: By September 2020, 30 years have passed since the founding of the Islah party, as it was officially announced on September 13, 1990, after the declaration of the unity b

The Islamic State Organization (IS)..The Search For The Land Of Caliphate

عربي PDF   "The Islamic State Organization (IS)..The Search For The Land Of Caliphate" is a study on the IslamicState ‘Daesh’. It is a part of a series by the Abaad Center for

Six decades of instability.. Yemen: politics conflict and proxy wars

عربي  PDF Summary Yemen has witnessed, in its contemporary history, and still witness many forms of conflict, depending on internal and external circumstances and reasons, which persisted

Suicide Drones... Houthi Strategic Weapon

عربي PDF  Introduction The killing of Yemeni military intelligence chief in a Houthi drone attack sheds the light on the developed technology of suicide operations that the Houthis carry o

Study on UAE Influence in Yemen.. Saudi-Emirati competition

A study by the Strategies Unit in the Abaad Center for Studies and Researches on the UAE influence in Yemen: Saudi-Emirati competition in Yemen and Abu Dhabi’s role has deviated from achieving t

Yemen’s National Army in the Hot Fighting Fronts

     عربي PDF Summary: The Battle of Hodeidah is will determine the battle of Sana'a and prolonging the war is a future burden on the Yemeni legitimacy and the coalition alik

The brutalization of terrorism.. The Houthi Movement - The Seeds of Annihilation (2)

عربي PDF   Abstract The brutalization of terrorism.. The Houthi Movement - The Seeds of Annihilation (2) is the second section of the Abaad Studies and Researches Center’s release,

Abaad discusses the youth revolution on BALANCE OF FIRE - 2011

BALANCE OF FIRE - 2011 Abaad Center for Studies and Strategies has released a report on the developments that have been taking place since the outbreak of the protests demanding the departure of the

Abaad for researchers issues periodical on Yemen’s transition

  Abaad Research and Study Centre has issued a new periodical entitled “The Stable Transition” in which it highlighted Yemen’s transitional stage and scenarios of the post-Arab

Abaad Centre cautions against toppling Basindwa governme

Abaad Centre cautions against toppling Basindwa government Abaad Centre for Studies and Researches has cautioned against attempts of toppling the recently-formed government presided by Mohammad Salem

peace opportunities on decrease amidst increasing violence in Yemen, transition on failure

  A report by the Abaad Strategic Studies Center warned against the declination of peace opportunities and unprecedented increase of violence indicators. “The transition is at risk of fai

Damaj War … The Black Hole

  A strategic report recently released by Abaad Center for Strategic Studies (ACSS) has warned that Yemen could slide into a civil war if  the state authority wasn’t imposed all the o

Four violence groups worked to halt elections

A report issued by Abaad Studies and Research Centre on the early presidential elections has said that among the most important demands of the new president Abdo Rabo Mansour Hadi was the reduction of

The brutalization of terrorism in Yemen..The fragile war against Al-Qaeda-1

عربي PDF   Abstract «The brutalization of terrorism in Yemen-the fragile war against Al-Qaeda-1» is one of the reports that were issued by Unit of Strategies at Abaad Studies