2020 May

This study (Six decades of instability..Yemen : politics conflict and proxy wars) tries to focus on the roots of political conflicts in Yemen and the external factors that fed them during six decades. In the period (1959-2019), we try to identify the most prominent conflicts that Yemen experienced, while dealing with the political and social roots of those conflicts, and the conditions and factors that contributed to igniting them, in addition to shedding the light on the most important forces and components that participated in the conflicts, with reference to the role of external factors and parties that interfered in those conflicts, whether this intervention was in supporting an internal party, or to stop the conflict and push the conflicting parties towards reconciliation and dialogue. The study also deals with the most prominent alliances that arose in preparation for a round of conflict, or formed on the conflict’s margins or was one of its results, as well as different forms of alliances and varying circumstances that contribute to whether strengthening those alliances or weakening them and then crumbling them. The latter is what happened to most of those alliances due to stormy conflicts and the waves of breakdown and falling into violence and counter-violence.

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