Red Sea Security: Conflicts in the Horn of Africa and Yemen

2021-01-09   Reads: 3772


The Abaad Strategic Forum for the Yemeni case organizes on Tuesday, January 12th, a virtual seminar on “Red Sea Security: Conflicts in the Horn of Africa and Yemen."

The seminar hosts a group of experts specialized in Yemen and Africa to discuss the impacts of the ongoing conflicts in the coastal states of the Red Sea. 

Dr. Adel Dashela, Director of The Abaad Strategic Forum, confirms that the seminar that is going to take place at 8:00 pm, Yemen time, will discuss the repercussions of the current conflicts in Yemen, Ethiopia, Sudan and Somalia and the whole region as well.

"The seminar will focus on the fragile situations of the coastal states of the Red Sea, the safety of commercial maritime routes, the geopolitical, security and economic impacts. And address the armed militia threat to strategic maritime trade corridors as well as the danger of turning the region into a onductive environment for transcontinental terrorism," said Dashela, in a  press release.

The panelists include Khalid Musa Dafalla, Former ambassador and an expert on regional security and international affairs, Dr. Stig Jarle Hansen, an associate professor at Norwegian University of Life Science & author of the 'Al Shabaab in Somalia', Dr. Yahia Amer, Somali academician and researcher, Nabil Albukairi, Yemeni researcher and writer, and Ida Bary, expert of Yemen issues in ORSAM Center, will be moderating the seminar.

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