Abaad Chairman at Saudi Asbar Forum: Supporting states and clamping down on militias will stop fragmentation of the region

2023-05-21   Reads: 1063



Chairman of Abaad Studies and Research Center, Abdulsalam Mohammed, said thatsupporting legitimate governments and clamping down on militias will prevent further disintegration, division and collapse that the countries of the region have experienced during the past decade. Abaad Chairman stressed at the Saudi Abar Forum that war has reached more stable countries in Europe, and that the Saudi 2030 Vision strategy pushed the kingdom to extinguish the burning fires in the region, unlike the position of some countries that exploit wars for creating polarization and reaping the fruits." "The recent Saudi shift aroused public interest in the Arab League Summit in Jeddah and increased hopes that wars in the region, which led to the disintegration of states, collapse of economies and the displacement of millions, will come to an end," he adds. "This was reflected in the outcomes of the Jeddah Summit. The Final Declaration includes twelve points, some of which are related to supporting peace in conflict zones and other clauses focused on the future." "I think that Saudi Arabia has lately sacrificed many interests in its effort to end conflicts and create stability in the region," he said.

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