Bent on Covering the Horn of Africa: Abaad signs Cooperation Agreement with RPRI

2023-06-22   Reads: 452


  Abaad Studies and Research Center signed a joint cooperation agreement with Raad Peace Research Institute (RPRI), which specializes in African affairs. Abaad Chairman, Abdulsalam Mohammed, said that the agreement comes within the framework of the Center's tendency to expand the scope of research and programs beyond Yemen. He points out that the Center aims to cover the countries of the Horn of Africa which affect, and are affected by, events in nearby Yemen.

The framework of the cooperation agreement refers to a set of issues which will be the focus of cooperation, such as piracy, migration, arms smuggling and human trafficking between Yemen and the Horn of Africa, as well as the establishment of a cross-border terrorism observatory to monitor armed and extremist groups. The agreement also covers other strategic issues crucial to the security of the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden.

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